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Thursdays Nutritional Talks & Tea         


           “It was a great talk. Despite studying biology and knowing the importance of good diet and habits I have recently got lazy and eat terribly. It was just what I needed to hear to start being sensible again. Thank you! You certainly know your stuff🙂 “

       ” I can say without hesitation, your lecture was outstanding on all fronts. Content compelling and superb delivery. Your knowledge and examples were skilfully matched helping the audience to understand the theory and science underpinning your work. My friend enjoyed it too. It was a great event Dr G. well done. The significance of your work and what you do cannot be underestimated. “

       ” Thank you so much Gregorio. It was an excellent evening and I found it helpful to have detox procedure explained so clearly. I look forward to your next talk. “

Thursday Sept 15th 6pm Time’s up: Detox Yourself.                                                                

The contamination of this world poses a potentially serious hazard to human health.

The water you drink, the vegetables you eat and the air you breathe are only few examples of possible vehicles of dangerous toxins.

Come and learn how to prevent the intoxications and few tricks how to detox your body.

Thursday        Oct 13th 6pm Choose your Oil & Choose Health
The quality of the oil determines your health status. The power of oil and fat you consume daily has powerful physiological effects on your body. Come and learn which oil and fat to choose and how to use them.

Thursday Nov 17th 6pm Moody? Gloomy? Nervy? Stressed out? Find your way out with Sunbeams and Vitamin D
Scotland, a land of beauty with a lack of light, is afflicted with many health problems correlated to Vitamin D deficiency.
Join our journey through the world of a healthy diet to cope with this major issue for Scottish dwellers. Learn how to obtain the best for your Body and Mind with the Medicinal Power of Food, by reserving your seat.

Thursday Dec 15th 6pm Be Happy and Be on a Happy Diet
All you need is love! But how about chocolate, red wine, grapes, cheese and more?.... Your happiness depends on your diet. Foods and their combination can modulate some neurotransmitters and promote your happiness. Join our talk and be happy!

Thursday Jan 12th 6pm  Did Santa carry a lot of extra weight? No longer a problem
Losing unhealthy fat is fundamental for your health. So many diets but only one is safe. Come to find out how easy it will be to get back into your jeans!

Thursday Feb 16th 6pm Fight The Winter Blues!
Fever, Cold, Sore Throat, Allergy, Asthma and Lung Problems, Muscle and Rheumatic Pain. All in one, it's called Winter. Make your own remedies to boost your immune system and kill viruses and bacteria using foods and natural ingredients: Folk Medicine & Science together for finding Your Way through  Winter.

Thursday March 16th 6pm Springtime! So, Match The Right Colour of your Food
Nature offers a variety of colours: Green, Yellow, Red... Different colours, different energy, different biomedical properties. Choosing the right colour of your food is not an option but it's an important rule to preserve your body from illness...

Thursday Apr 13th 6pm Healthy Cooking Time
Peeling, cutting, washing, boiling, frying, steaming... are all important determinants that will affect the active compounds and nutrients that you will absorb from your meals. Come to discover what to do in your kitchen.

Thursday May 18th 6pm Don't Drain your Brain- just feed it!
Your Brain and your Mind are a unique complex connected with your Body and your Soul. The pharmacological power of Food can improve the efficiency of your Brain and your Mind as an essential path to the effective care of your memory, attention, reasoning, association, learning, language skills and calculation performance. Food, a source of natural ingredients, is the key to making your life significantly better. Find out more about how to achieve Your Rich Life with a Healthy Brain at this talk.

Thursday June 15th 6pm Food & Cancer Promoter or Killer?
Develop your interest in what you eat, since Science shows many links between diet and cancer.
The way you preserve, combine and cook your Food might reduce or increase the risks of developing this condition, considered the 21st century plague.


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