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Second Meeting & Check-up    

1) Full analysis of data collected during your First Consultation:

a. In order to create a bespoke diet for your individual needs,  we review in depth your medical and family history, your eating and life habits, the results of the physical examination, your food allergy/intolerance test, blood, urine and heavy metals tests.

2) Report of your results:

a. In order to understand your tests results, we will give you a summary report and discuss their implications and the strategies to follow.   

3) Copy of your Diet Plan:

a. What should I expect from my diet plan? In order to maximise compliance, your diet plan will fit perfectly with your life and eating habits. No matter how busy your life is at work or home, or how complicated your schedule is, you will enjoy eating your favourite foods with family and friends, cooking easy recipes and buying from your regular shops. You can also take advantage of the wholesale price and discount deals that we have with organic food stores, local farms and companies. Every day you will have a different tasty recipe that we will regularly refresh to offer you more varied choices. We will give you specific guidelines including physical activities, list of items to buy, foods to avoid and prefer, and what to eat in a restaurant or at your friend’s house. We will advise how to cook your meals and prepare specific homemade natural remedies to optimise your physical status.           

4) 24/7 Consultation Service:

a. Over the year, we will be available by phone or email to mentor and guide you around any questions you might have. Any challenges you may encounter, we will be there to support you.

b. This service includes each change and update that we make to your diet plan.

c. To optimise our support, this service requires a regular diary email report from you.


We track your progress and assess the impact of treatment by:

1) Analysis of your body composition:

a. Segmental Body Composition: using precision state-of-the-art instruments, we can analyse the distribution of body fat and muscle in both arms and legs, alongside visceral fat and basal metabolic rate.

b. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis: we measure the body composition by sending a low, safe electrical current through the body. The current passes through the fluids contained in muscle, bone, fat and connective tissues. The different degree of electrical resistance as it passes through the body produces a quantitative measure of body composition. We use SF-BIA and MF-BIA to carefully evaluate the extra-cellular water and intra-cellular water. The SF-BIA, at 50kHz, is passed between surface electrodes placed on each foot. This analysis determines the energy needs, metabolic rates, total body water, fat-free mass and fat tissue. The MF-BIA uses multiple frequencies (0, 1, 5, 50, 100, 200 to 500 kHz) to evaluate fat-free mass, total body water, intra-cellular water, extra-cellular water and body cell mass.

c. Skinfold Analysis: taking skinfold measurements is a method to determine body fat composition and also the elasticity of skin which is an important element of a healthy body.  For accurate measurement we use highly-sensitive digital equipment to pinch the skin in 9 different standard anatomical sites around the body.

d. Measurement of body circumferences: we measure specific anatomical sites around the body with a tape measure to analyse your body and general health.

e. Echo-ultrasound scan: through the latest technology of an ultrasound device, we will measure and track fat and muscle thickness to more accurately monitor the effects of diet and exercise and capture scans anatomical sites of local areas to produce cross-sectional images. The ultrasound scan allows us to determine your individual morphological factors in order to make fundamental assessments and develop your personalised diet plan.

2) Report of your check-up:

a. To track your progress and assess the impact of treatment, we will give you a summary check-up report and discuss the implications of the results and the strategies to follow.