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Conceiving a Baby

Numerous studies have highlighted the link between diet and infertility, emphasizing for example the negative role of obesity and excess weight to the chances of conception (1), and the role of oxidative stress in harming female fertility (2). Selenium, Vitamin C and bioflavonoids  are important in sperm production, keeping the sperm from clumping and making them more motile. Meanwhile zinc, found in high concentrations in semen, will increase the functioning of reproductive organs.            

The first fundamental ingredient of a very well balanced diet is to preserve both egg and sperm from the damage of stress, free radicals and oxidative factors, caused from harmful eating habits and lifestyle. To reach this goal

A very well balanced diet includes different menus with powerful antioxidant formula combined with a mix of minerals and vitamins.

On the other hand Vitamin A, as well as Vitamin E, carotenoids, pycnogenol, grape seed extract, and folic acid will maintain fertility protecting the egg, sperm, and genetic material from oxidative damage.

A very well balanced diet will provide in the mother’s body the right hormonal balance, essential  factor to create the perfect environment for fertilisation.

A well designed combination of different oils, essential for the anabolism of sex hormones, with the “sex vitamin”    d --tocopherol, octacosanol in wheat germ, and manganese  will help the mother to achieve this balance.

Foods that contain l-arginine, l-methionine, l-cysteine and l-tyrosine will increase the sperm count and motility, as well as destroy  the free radical effects, alleviate stress, stabilize moods, and protect glandular and hormonal function. Phosphatidyl choline, precursor of acetylcholine, will improve the transmission of messages from the brain to the genitals, determining an increase of sex drive and sexual pleasure.   

Evidences show how miscarriage is correlated with insulin resistance (3).

Miscarriage such as neural tube defects, and premature births can be prevent by folate supplementation before and during pregnancy (4).


Recent studies show that a gluten free diet can also improve the conception (5).

Substances such as marijuana, cocaine and alcohol lower the sperm count in men and can prevent implantation of the fertilized egg in women. For this reason men and women who are attempting to conceive should abstain from consuming alcohol. Caffeine consumption does not independently affect the probability of conception but may enhance alcohol’s negative effect (6).     

Exercise training frequently results in a decrease of serum testosterone, and may sometimes be associated with reduced libido, sperm production and fertility (7).