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Dr Gregorio Torchia PhD MCMA        

“Whenever we talk of medicine Gregorio shows amazing intuition. I must say he has a brilliant mind. He is a real blessing for his patients". The late Dr Smith a colleague and a friend.

Prof Giansanti from "La Sapienza" University of Rome stated that Gregorio is as “a gifted man, excellent at his research, a good teacher and adept at fund raising. Gregorio is a brilliant scientist with strong potential for reliability and being a creative leader”.

In collaboration with the late Prof Eusebi, as a co-supervisor of Gregorio’s scientific activity, Prof Colosimo, from Experimental Medicine Dept of "La Sapienza" University of Rome, stated: “I appreciated Gregorio’s a broad vision of life and his positive and collaborative attitude towards people around him”.

Ms Johnston, one of Gregorio’s employee’s stated that among his qualities were, his total perseverance making him very focused, he knows what he wants, and gets results. DrTorchia’s aim is to reach out to the well-being of all his patients”.

While Prof Pallodini, from the Neurology Dept of University hospital Policlinico Umberto I stated that, “Gregorio was an early riser, hard worker, a brilliant student while always curious”.  He believes that these characteristics have been part of the secrets to Gregorio's professional success.

Prof Palma, from the Physiology and Pharmacology Dept of "La Sapienza" University of Rome recalls Gregorio as a hard worker with excellent manual skills as well as excellent knowledge of the theoretical and technical background of his work”.

Gregorio’s partner, Dr Parker, an associate at the clinic in San Francisco, says: “I will never forget when Gregorio came to me out of blue and asked me to open a center of Alternative and Complementary Medicine”. Dr Parker also stated "Gregorio is always very determined; nothing would stop him once he has a project idea. He is very smart and totally committed to his work".

Dedicated to Medical Science, Dr Gregorio Torchia studied at “La Sapienza" University of Rome, where he excelled in his Master degree and achieved his specialty in Physiopathology.  

Dr Torchia worked as a junior researcher on major projects with the Physiology and Pharmacology Department of “La Sapienza”, in collaboration with the University of California. After receiving his PhD from “La Sapienza”, he chose to focus on alternative and complementary Medicine, specifically relating to the area of food as a provider of medicinal benefits. Dr Torchia’s expertise in Bio-Nutritional Therapy and Nutritional Medicine grew through studying Kampo medicine, a Japanese medicine regime based on food and herbal treatments.                

                                                                             Full Member of The Complementary Medical                                                                  Association, The Nutrition Society, American Nutrition                                                                  Association and British Nutrition Foundation

                                                                Dr Torchia is currently working in partnership with his                                                                  colleague Dr Parker and directs his own centers of                                                                  Alternative and Complementary therapies in                                                                  San Francisco and now in Edinburgh.

Dr Torchia founded a nutritional, medical herb center in collaboration with a range of different therapists, and between them has helped 9,000 clients suffering from a range of varying diseases.  Please check the Testimonials.

Dr Torchia's professional proper nutritional support has helped his patients to enhance health while reducing risks. The core of the natural healing methodology lies in Bio-Nutritional Therapy.

Gregorio’s attention to detail and his interest in Bio-Nutritional Therapy led to him being involved in different ground-breaking studies and in a Master Course of Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey.

Dr Torchia has attended conferences, lectures and workshops all over the globe including:

Click here to see Gregorio’s scientific research .

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