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Dietician vs Nutritionist

When you are seeking   help, no matter whether your goal is

weight loss, improved vitality, or whatever you are aiming to achieve, it is always important to choose the right specialist. A dietician is a nutritional professional, regulated by law and governed under an ethical code. Dieticians plan and implement public health programmes to promote health and prevent nutrition- related disease.

A key role of a dietician is to train and educate other health and social care workers. To be qualified as a dietician the minimum requirement is

a BSc Hons in Dietetics, or a related science degree, with a postgraduate diploma or higher degree in Dietetics.

 If you are looking for weight loss advice in Edinburgh, why don’t you firstly ask advice from your local doctor (GP). A GP can guide you to achieve a healthy weight through specific recommendations. Generally, the nutrition dietetics services offered by a dietician are available from the NHS.  

In Edinburgh you can also attend private practices to see a dietician. Indeed, there are also weight loss clinics and weight loss nutritionist specialists in Edinburgh. These practitioners are able to tailor specific programmes to help you to achieve your goals.  In order to live better for longer it is always important to follow the healthy guidelines for living which include eating a healthy diet with a daily optimal consumption of fruit and vegetables, having plenty of exercise, ensuring you get sufficient outdoor activity in fresh air, as well as avoiding alcohol and cigarette abuse.