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Your Children's Corner

Nutrition is critical for healthy development in children at all stages from the foetal stage, infancy, childhood, through to adolescence. The correct nutritional balance is a major determinant of the health and vigour of infants. The nutritional intake at this young stage sets the pattern for a child’s later stages in life. For this reason we provide an event for you and a service for your child.


Fit For Future

3 Steps for Your Child’s Future

Step 1: book your time with us

         Step 2: bring your child with you

                   Step 3: take your results with you

At Nutripanda we care about the future of your children.  

We have a friendly team who would like to welcome you and your children to our nutritional clinic.

Relax with some healthy snacks and toys for the children and enjoy this FREE event to evaluate the development progress of your child.

In just 10 minutes, we will take measurements of your child’s height, weight and head circumference. Accordingly with the growth chart, the relationship of all these measurements will identify the need for further monitoring or investigation.

We run this event every first Sunday of the month at our nutritional clinic in the West End        

from 10 am until 2 pm.                                                          

Call 0131 467 2024 to book your slot.

Session 5: Your Nutritional Science Programme- Nutritional aspects of pregnancy,

lactation, infancy and childhood.

This is your opportunity to join our learning zone with interesting seminars. You will be able to gain a deep evidence-based understanding of the topic.

What will you learn in Session 5: Nutrition prior to and during Pregnancy; Nutritional requirements and other maternal factors; Nutrition and effects of Lactation; overview of Weaning; Nutrition and development during Childhood and Adolescence.

Duration of Session: next available slot - Saturday 31/Oct/2015 from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

Cost: £ 150 which includes electronic and hard copies of the material covered. The opportunity to extend your learning through access to reviews, additional papers, notes and reading lists relating to the sessions will also be provided. We will have healthy food and refreshments for your enjoyment.   

Location: 2 Cheyne Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

How to book: contact us to book your place on: 0131 467 2024 or at info@nutripanda.com